Kudos, also, Updates?
I love your stuff, dude. This is all really cool.
My only (very minor) complaint is that things are sometimes a little too modern-styled for my tastes. But I really like how you don't try to reinvent the wheel, still keep that 16-bit feel even when you're adding a more detailed 3d model. A LOT of mods fail at this IMO, and it's a shame. (Not that style matters too much, but I just really like it when things are consistent with vanilla in form and function, and I find that matters more with aesthetics-focused modded play.) Also, using the same logtype for different tree species is genius.

I was a little dismayed at first at the no curse hosting and whatnot, but I understand better after some reading up. Shame that all the drama happened there. Haha. I do like good documentation, though, and I REALLY appreciate that. Pretty rare. (..to say nothing of those mods that say "Just look at the [janky] ingame book with [obscure recipe] you have to find out yourself lol.")

I found the rss feed on yonder forum, but is there a better way to keep updated? That's my main concern. Really the main reason I use curse in the first place is to be notified of updates. (For the most part, I use my own Airtable to organize things. I really hate curse's organization/search features, so. I think I'm hitting like 600 listed mods now, haha. Just for looking and categorizing and such... Might even get into mod-reviews if I stop being lazy.)
I'll be looking at compatibility with other similar-playstyle mods when I do my big testing phase soonish. What kind of reporting would you like there if I find any issues?

Thanks for the hard work!

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