Pmp and hungeroverhaul on combination are crashing
Really like your mod since Minecraft 1.7 but in the new Version 1.12.2 the game crashes everytime I hover over an item from pmp which has a food value. It seems to be a conflict between hungeroverhaul and pmp because without hungeroverhaul it works fine.
I dont know which mod could fix this error but it would be great if i could play with both mods cause i like them both and won't miss them.
I can upload a crashfile later this day. Is crash log or complete log prefered?

here is the crash log file.
The complete last.log is to big for uploading here

it seems that this multiplier in hungeroverhaul ist the issue :

"# Multipier on crop growth time (except sugarcane) in the wrong biome"

if i set this to Vanilla both mods work great together.

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