Land crops seed generation
I just tried PMP, and noticed that we can't find the land crops seeds (and plants) in little gardens any more, but that they are found in generated chests. Removing gardens is not a bad idea, as they tended to spawn too frequently, and it was quite easy to find them all.
The trouble for me now is that they become really hard to find; I had a hard time finding a village to find just one type of seed, and the chests I found in a "dungeon" didn't have any PMP seed. Did I miss something or will land crops be really hard to find? (much harder than fruit?) Couldn't we have something like a 0.01% chance of getting a crop seed when harvesting grass? (type depending on the biome type?) Just a question c:


(I didn't know if this thread was to be posted on PMP feature request, actually, as I above all wanted to know if I missed something)

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