Hi there. I found your mod in a random MC web ( and I'm glad they published your mod, because if their hadnt, I wouldn't have had the chance to see your work, which is awesome.

I wanted to say just thank you for creating these masterpieces. The level of detail is insane (it makes me picture you as quite ODC in the good way)

Now, the request, Is there a way to get some kind of interaction in textures as mrcrayfish mod does? Like they pic the base texture pack? I'm using lithos texture, and I can imagine your mod would look awesome with that...

I'll try to learn how to create texture packs, but right now I know no codding nor how to “make” a texture for MC.

Then, I wonder if plants pack and real world have compat with BOP. Or it's made to work on its own.

I hope not to be bothering you, and it would be amazing your mod had some kind of integrated version checker to it would let us know when you update.

I know how does it feel to have work done and ppl just trolling and getting discriminated to have the guts of criticize sth that is too famous... I hope curse ppl with eventually say sorry and this fantastic mod manages to get the integration with other mods.

Hugs and best wishes from Argentina. Sorry if my message sounds funny or weird, or it has mistakes, but English is not my native language. (btw, let me know if you want help with translations to Spanish).
I am a Chinese, I help him translate Chinese, translation is free, you can the translation after provide the author.

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