Dynamic Trees Compatibility
It'd be really nice for PMP to whitelist and scale the sprite on tree trunks from Dynamic Trees by "ferreusveritas" for things like fungi during world-decoration. Dynamic Trees has become a staple on recent modded instances I run and it's a bit of a shame to not see fungi at all.

I realize it's a bit of a long-shot, but it'd also be really nice for PMP to have a built-in plugin for actual Dynamic Trees tree support in the established styles of PMP trees.
Playlist I've been looking into this recently - not as easy as I had hoped. Need your patience on this one Smile
(09-01-2018, 10:34 PM)10paktimbits Wrote: Playlist I've been looking into this recently - not as easy as I had hoped. Need your patience on this one Smile

Hi there, the Dynamic trees modder (and rustic) is at least someone that takes time to aswer, so maybe you can work together or sth to make this easier for you. You can talk to him on his discord channel.
As iobiarg mentioned. I've seen firsthand that ferreusveritas, the main mod author of Dynamic Trees, is incredibly easy to work with and will go out of his way to help you.

There are a few really good/easy ways to contact him.

The most official way is probably to send him a message on curseforge or leave a comment on the mod's curseforge page. I'm "getting the vibe" you are not too thrilled about interacting through the curseforge service though.

A slightly less official way of contacting him is through discord. To the best of my knowledge ferreusveritas himself doesn't have an official discord server for his mods. However, after talking with the mod developer mangoose3039 (who is best known for creating and maintaining his mod "rustic") quite a bit in efforts to create the Biomes O' Plenty compat mod, they started working together somewhat closely to develop DT features and make more options available for those who wish to have special integrations with the DT in their mods. In doing so he eventually "took up residence" in Mangoose's discord server, which you can access wtih this link: [url]https://discord.gg/UXzaJXQ[/url] . In the "Mangoose's Mods" discord there is a text channel dedicated to "dynamic trees stuff". Where ferreusveritas is rather active in, and is the main place I go to receive news and sneak peaks about features (like the new 3by3 possible trunk size and the Roofed Forest rework going on currently).

You can also try friending ferreusveritas on discord without joining Mangoose's discord, although I don't know if he has pms open or if he's accepting "just anybody" into his friends' list. His current discord name and tag is ferreusveritas#9968. If you are having trouble you can also contact me through discord, with my name and tag being Sephiths#5398.

Besides the Biomes O' Plenty compat mod that he helped with, ferreusveritas offers his help to anyone who is interested in creating a compat mod or wishes to integrate dynamic trees support into their mods (assuming they have moderate programming knowledge and are willing to put in the effort as well).

Here is a list of mods that I know of which already have some form of DT support.

Biomes O' Plenty (compat mod by mangoose3039 (w/ a bit of help from ferreusveritas)
Rustic (mangoose3039)
Thaumcraft (compat mod by mangoose3039)
Heat and Climate (compat mod by odorousrex60365)
Traverse (compat mod by odorousrex60365)
Pam's Harvestcraft (I think this one is being done by ferreusveritas, but it's a special case or something, anyway it's pretty much done and he's just waiting to release the next update for DT)

I believe a Minecolies dev got in contact with ferreusveritas, which lead to them creating a funtioning "Maven" for DT. I think the main objective was to get the minecolonies luberjack working with Dynamic Trees properly, so there is that.

Recently the current main dev of Cubic Chunks got in contact with ferreusveritas and they are both adding some code/api changes on their ends to make DT compatible with CC world generation.

It is my personal belief that if you were to create a discord server for your mods/fans, it would increase the communication and activity of your community/fans. You'll be able to receive better feedback and see the cool stuff people decide to share about what they are doing with your mod. They can ask for help, and you can release news to them in easy manner. It's basically a large IRC with a bunch of neat chat and organization features. You get a lot of control over your rooms. And it's pretty popular these days with gamers. It takes two seconds to ping all the members on your server, and give them news of an update or important announcement. They'll see there is a notification on your server the next time they open discord. Many of which might even get a desktop or mobile notification (which they can easily disable if they choose to). It's a pretty neat and useful service. If you somehow didn't know much about it until now and are living in a cave somewhere. I recommend taking 10 minutes to check it out. Try joining a few discord communities you might be interested in. You'll find that a surprising number of online communities has a discord presence. You might be surprised.

[Edit] I'd also like to mention that creating a discord doesn't mean it's just another place to host your mod. People who join will likely already have your mod/be researching it. Downloads would all still link here, and you won't really have randoms coming in/peeking. It's not like you search up "cool minecraft plant mods" or something and get a bunch of results for discord servers you can join. You have to hand out/post the invite links you create to different places. Such as having an invite code posted on this website, or a forum post related to the topic, email mailing list, etc. Users have to be linked/invited there. A bad apple joined? Users can be ip banned from interacting with your server, and anti-spam measurements can be enabled, such as requiring a user to have their discord account have a verified email and be apart of the server for 10 minutes. Users can be given different roles/permissions, people you trust can make changes or help moderate the server. You have control. And it's all free. No need to pay for hosting or anything. You wouldn't be "advertising on discord", if anything you'd be advertising your discord.

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