Please, this mod is very great.
PLANT MEGA PACK is Great mod, can I post it to MCBBS, MINECRAFT for China Forum。This mod has not been released yet in China, so I want to release it and translate it, and it is not for commercial use. Please agree.I will also issue the address to you personally.PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE。

To tell you the truth, someone actually releaseit, but without your permission, no respect for you。This is a disrespect for your post: [url][/url].

So I came to ask you for permission and release my Post
Request reply
I greatly appreciate your enthusiasm xindu.

For personal reasons I do not want any of my mods posted on any website, except here.

I would like to respectfully ask that you accept no for an answer and stop pushing me to change my mind.

Thank you.
I won't advise you to change your decision. I'm just! Just want to say, I just translate, write a Chinese introduction, use your download address, and link to the official website.
That is fine xindu.

Thank you.
(08-26-2018, 07:59 AM)10paktimbits Wrote: That is fine xindu.

Thank you.

You finally understand.

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