Migrating PMP to 1.12
It was just an offer of help Wink If this tool works, I'll happily invest the time to upgrade our worlds.
Thanks in advance
I've created a mapping file. It is now available for download at the bottom of the PMP home page. Good luck.
Thanks for this list!

Since you have already tested this process with NBTExplorer, could you please enlighten me what I'm doing wrong?
I created a new World in Minecraft 1.10.2 with corresponding PMP-Mod and placed one asper bamboo block.
Next i copied the world to a 1.12.2-server with your new PMP-mod, opened the world in NBTExplorer and run a replacement-query for keys "id" and "K"
[Image: https://preview.ibb.co/dPxOV9/nbtexplorer1.png]

but after saving, starting the server and entering the world, the bamboo block was removed. Did I miss anything, do you have any advice?
Any update? Did you solve the problem?
Cause I'm having the same problem too right now
Sorry, no ideas so far. Still running on 1.10.2
Maybe the mod developer will give us a hint since he already migratet a world successfulle?
Hm that sucks.
Yeah, a little tutorial would be great

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