Migrating PMP to 1.12

First of all: thank you for PMP. Our server loves this mod. Since your decision after 1.9 and the release of RealWorld, we were desperate to maintain PMP by ourselves. We were really happy to read about your decission to split RealWorld into PMP and DMP. Our hope was to finally upgrade our server to MC 1.12.
But you changed the mod ID from plantmegapack to pmp, so... well, we can not upgrade.

Would it be possible to move the mod ID into the settings.cfg, so that older worlds could still run with your 1.12-mod?
Or do you know other possible ways to accomplish this?

Thanks in advance!
I don't know how to do this, unfortunately. I do know that there are editors that can modify world save files, perhaps one of these can help you?
Would it be possible to move your definition auf the mod ID "pmp" to the settings.cfg, so we could override it with "plantmegapack"?
I think we are not the only server using a pmp-version prior to 1.12
Balloon I am feeling your pain right now...

This is not as easy as you think. There are two reasons why this won't work, and I'll explain.

1) Mojang introduced .json files to Minecraft a while back. These files define blockstates, models, recipes, etc. that are used to set up objects in Minecraft. These files are hard-coded with the mod ID and they ship with Minecraft and with every mod.

2) I have changed the names of every block/plant/item in PMP as of my latest release (actually in RealWorld first, and now PMP) to reduce the size of the mod and other reasons.

Allowing an edit in the config file of the mod ID won't work - I would have to ship out an entirely new mod with a new mod ID and remap all of the block/plant/item names back to what you currently have.

While I understand how difficult it is for you to keep up with all of the changes that I have done, there is not much I can do. I am only one person working on this and I really just have a limited amount of time to do this. I am so sorry.
Mh, I understand your reasoning and your situation, as I am in a more or less similar situation (timewise) Smile

I didn't think of the json files, but the only problem would be the renaming of (nearly) everything in there. If you would allow me to join in some sort of separate branch, where I would maintain this remapping... would that be a suitable solution?
Just a kind reminder after one week Smile
What are you reminding me of?
(08-13-2018, 08:52 AM)Balloon Wrote: If you would allow me to join you on some sort of separate branch, where I would maintain this remapping... would that be a suitable solution?
I will not be creating a separate branch of code just for this purpose.

However, I am looking into other options to update world files with the new mod ID and object ID's. If this can be done automatically then software can be used instead of introducing human error into the process.
NBTExplorer is a free tool that provides a way to change pretty much anything in the Minecraft world save files, including what you need to perform an upgrade. I have downloaded and tested it myself and it will work.

Although this would be a time consuming task, it is the most viable option.

I will create a file that maps old ID's to the new ones and post a link to it in this thread when completed.

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