Mapping Missing for shelves
Got a crash when I tried to put the shelving up. I've attached the crash report as well.

I am using 1.17 RealWorld. This was happening in 1.16 as well. I also have found some other minor bugs.

Diamond/Sandpaper don't get used up
Can't craft Calcite beams to make Calcite tiles(I love the green for my counter tops! yay creative mode!)

Now, I'd just like to add that I adore RealWorld. I always loved both the Plant Mega pack and Decoration Mega Pack(seriously the best for plants and decor). I was devastated when you had stopped modding for a while. When RealWorld came out, I actually cried, I was so happy! Thank you for all of your Hard work! You are amazing!

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Thank you for your support!

As of version 1.17, I changed the workbenches to NOT consume you valuable diamonds or sandpaper.

RealWorld does not have calcite beams :)

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