Potting table crash
So, I have been using the plant mod, and now realworld since 1.9, and this is the first crash that I have gotten more than once. Every time I try to use the potting table, it crashes when I add the third item, regardless of whether it is the dirt, bone meal or fruit/vegetable/ect. I am running a couple other mods, but this happens when only realworld is installed as well. The error message I get is this:

The game crashed whilst updating screen events
Error: java.lang.NullPointerException: The validated object is null

What is more, I cannot view the crash report. Clicking the button does nothing. In case it does matter, I am running realworld with Xaero's minimap and world map and Nature's Compass, all on forge version This is the only crash I have come across. I hope this can be fixed, as I love playing survival with all the plants!
Can you tell me the following please?
1) what version of RealWorld you were using when it crashed?
2) what item you were trying to clone?


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