Why is this not allowed in Curse packs?
First of I absolutely LOVE this mod and I have done since back when it was called Plant Mega Pack. But it dismays me greatly that this is absolutely not allowed in Curse modpacks. I am trying to put together the ultimate 'nature' themed modpack and obviously this mod would be an ideal fit. However this mod is not allowed on curse whereas many other mods I would really love the authors state the opposite that they only allow their mod to be used on curse servers. There are other substitute mods availiable on Curse such as 'Plants' but in my opinion they come nowhere near to the quality of Realworld.

I am not a modder so I can't fathom why some mod creators are so picky about where a modpack containing their mod is hosted. I don't know if it's monetary or ego-driven or what. Whatever it is, I really wish some sort of peace treaty could be reached, because I think this mod is amazing and I think it's sad that it's virtually unknown in the minecraft community due to it's creator's refusal to have anything to do with Curse.
Thank you for your kind words.

Do you agree that a peace treaty requires both parties to be cooperative, truthful and amicable?

The moderators at Curse have very clearly chosen to side with a troll over me as a modder. Until they issue an apology for their pathetic handling of a troll attack on my account, the possibility of a peace treaty will remain at zero. This event literally ruined my reputation as a modder simply because I spoke up. Not cool, and not an ego thing. It's injustice that is the only factor here.

PMC refuses to greenlight my mods so I cannot post them there. I assume this is another side effect of the Curse episode.

I fully agree with you that my work should be more visible. But at least it's here for anyone who cares to use it Smile
Had no idea about the trolling incident, so sorry that happened to you. I know from experience things can get pretty harsh on Curse - I had a well known modder bully me there and send me threatening pm's just for trying to report a bug. And of course everyone took his side since he's the author of a very popular mod and I'm just a pack maker.

I do know Curse has a list of approved third party mods, including some like Galacticraft and Nutrition that are NOT hosted on curse but are still approved for curse modpacks. Perhaps consider trying to get your mod approved for this list? I do not think you would have to deal with bullies and trolls if you did this, but people could still appreciate your mod.

Unfortunately as the Minecraft landscape is right now it's pretty impossible to get any sort of visibility while completely avoiding Curse. Mods gain visibility through mod packs, and any pack maker as it stands would have to sacrifice the visibility of their own pack in order to include your mod in it.

But it's your mod, your choice. At least it's still available here and has not been completely erased from the internet.
Agreed, Curse is a very harsh environment for some: the moderators there have blacklisted me so my mods will likely never appear on that site again. I'm quite ok with that as I don't care to contribute to the revenue stream of a site that did nothing to support my case with that troll and refuses to take accountability for their actions/inactions. Nobody wins except the troll.

Your support is greatly appreciated, and I am sorry that I am unable to accommodate you.
TBH, I like the concept of a modder having his/her own website. I see it the same way as going to Bob's Fruit Market instead of Walmart because I want to support Bob the farmer who cultivated the fruit instead of Walmart which... well I'm not getting into that. I just wish it was easier for these smaller websites to be known by the wider public, or at least as easy as finding Curse.
Anyways, keep doing what you're doing 10pak, you have a great mod and Curse not having it on is their loss (or maybe it's not but they definitely don't deserve your attention).

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