[Bug] Disabling components in config does not disable components in-game.
I would like to report a somewhat critical issue.

Expected Behavior :

In realworld\settings.cfg setting the following components to false should prevent the loading of their respective features and remove their creative tabs, registry entries, etc.

Actual Behavior :

Components are loaded regardless of the config option being set to false. Despite turning ores, blocks and decorations to false, they are still loaded, registered, usable and visible in creative tabs.

Version of Minecraft : 1.12.2
Version of RealWorld : 1.16

Request :

Please make this module-disabling configuration option functional.
I greatly enjoy the nature related content but the decoration features are redundant with my usage of mods like Chisels & Bits/LittleTiles ; The large quantity of decorative features added by RealWorld beside simple blocks/slabs/stairs (IE. Pillars, facades, furniture, etc) impose an unnecessary toll on my system's resources.
Therefor the ability to disable components in modular fashion would be of great relief in the usage of your mod.
The current settings in RealWorld do not affect the loading/registering of objects - they are for controlling world generation only and they work as intended. All objects in RealWorld are always loaded and registered, with the exception of custom biomes.

Many players have requested the feature you are inquiring about, and I have considered this, but there are complications related to how Forge works, how mods are loaded, how .json files are used, etc., etc...

To implement a modular approach as you suggest is very complicated for many reasons, especially dependencies between objects. For example, disabling a certain block may mean that several other blocks also cannot be used - this dependency chain is quite substantial in RealWorld. Another example is recipes. All recipes in a mod are defined in .json files that must be included in the mod - the recipes are not registered programmatically. This means if you disable a block, Forge will spit out errors during recipe loading because the block is not registered. Unfortunately, Forge currently does not have the capability to overcome issues like these that I am aware of.

What I have done/am doing to improve performance:
- combined PMP and DMP into a single mod
- continual code improvements for efficiency/less memory/etc.
- renamed all objects (for 1.13) - this alone saved 1.7MB of mod file size and the mod loads much faster
- reworked the language file (and sacrificed plant latin names to reduce its size)
- many small improvements to simplify the code

Since combining PMP and DMP, RealWorld is nearly 1MB smaller yet it now contains about twice as many features as its predecessors. It loads and runs faster, uses less memory than separate mods, and benefits from seamless integration between all of the components. Many, many hours of coding went into making RealWorld as efficient as possible.

While I appreciate your request, at this time RealWorld will remain an all-or-nothing mod for the foreseeable future.

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