cascading worldgen
Not sure that is a bug? But this certainly seems to be the most obvious place to log the problem I am having.

I have finally gotten my household Minecraft server updated to 1.12.2 ... I admit it is fairly heavily modded but I was already running the full modpack on my laptop so knew it worked.

Having kicked the server off for the first time, I discovered that moving in the world brought up a constant stream of information about RealWorld loading "a new chunk" "during chunk population, causing cascading worldgen lag. Please report this to the mod's issue tracker."

I assume you may be aware of this - any ideas on how this could be mitigated? I suspect your most recent note may be related to this. :-)

This is actually an "unintended" thing. Let me explain...

The worldgen code selects random locations within a chunk to spawn plants. When placing plants, they are spread out in a randomly chosen radius. This radius sometimes includes areas in adjacent chunks which is why this message appears.

If this code were to be changed, the result would be very odd-looking plant clusters that often appear "cut off" at the edges of chunks. To create more realistic plant clusters I opted to reduce the overflow into adjacent chunks somewhat as a "middle ground" solution.

Good thing is that this message only occurs during the first generation of a world.

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