cascading worldgen
Not sure that is a bug? But this certainly seems to be the most obvious place to log the problem I am having.

I have finally gotten my household Minecraft server updated to 1.12.2 ... I admit it is fairly heavily modded but I was already running the full modpack on my laptop so knew it worked.

Having kicked the server off for the first time, I discovered that moving in the world brought up a constant stream of information about RealWorld loading "a new chunk" "during chunk population, causing cascading worldgen lag. Please report this to the mod's issue tracker."

I assume you may be aware of this - any ideas on how this could be mitigated? I suspect your most recent note may be related to this. :-)

This is actually an "unintended" thing. Let me explain...

The worldgen code selects random locations within a chunk to spawn plants. When placing plants, they are spread out in a randomly chosen radius. This radius sometimes includes areas in adjacent chunks which is why this message appears.

If this code were to be changed, the result would be very odd-looking plant clusters that often appear "cut off" at the edges of chunks. To create more realistic plant clusters I opted to reduce the overflow into adjacent chunks somewhat as a "middle ground" solution.

Good thing is that this message only occurs during the first generation of a world.
Thanks for your response about the cascading world gen, but I was wondering if it would contribute to any additional lag beyond world generation and chunk loading? I'm troubleshooting a new server and am trying to narrow down any causes of lag and rubberbanding I'm getting while exploring new areas.

Also, do any of the older versions for 1.12.2 not have this configured to load like that? Thanks in advance, you've done such a wonderful job designing this mod!
All versions generate the same way, but this only happens when each chunk is first generated.
I have fized this in RealWorld 1.18.


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