where have all the flowers gone ... ;-)

I have been using your mods for so long that I hadn't realised that the lovely roses and begonias weren't vanilla! :-$

My household has a wee household minecraft server which is used by my kids, myself and externally by the odd family friend.

I know this is very small in the grand scheme - and we are loving the new features in your latest mod. Still ... if there is any chance, we would love to see more of your beautiful flowers back. Especially those roses :-)
I second this. some of those rare flowers where awesome!
I have re-added Roses for upcoming 1.13.

Most of the textures I created for the other flowers were not detailed enough for me so I removed them way back when. I have plans to add new plants/flowers that will replace them.

When researching plants, I have found hundreds that I would love to include in the mod - trying to texture them into a 16x16 grid is nearly impossible though :)

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