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Aquatic Crops
Land Crops

Aquatic Crops

Aquatic crops generate naturally in the shallow areas of rivers and lakes.

Aquatic crops are harvested exactly the same as land crops.
These plants will grow only in water that is a single block deep.

Centella Laksa Leaf Rice - Asain Rice - Wild Sacred Lotus Taro Wasabi Watercress Water Spinach

Land Crops

A unique selection of crop plants to add to your gardens.

Seeds for land crops can be found inside generated chests.
Land crops generate naturally in abandoned farms (located only in Plains biomes.)

Asparagus Orange
Bell Pepper
Bell Pepper
Bell Pepper
Broccoli Brussels
Burdock Cassava Cauliflower

Celery Chard Chicory Corn Cucumber Eggplant Garlic Green

Land Cress Leek Lentil Lettuce Licorice Onion Orache Peanut Pineapple

Quinoa Radish Skirret Sorrel Soybean Spinach Squash Tomato Turnip