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Drill Press

Large PillarLarge Pipe
Small PillarSmall Pipe
The Drill Press requires to operate.


BlockLarge Pillar
Large PillarSmall Pillar
Small PillarPole
The Lathe requires to operate.

Potting Table

The Potting Table is used to clone plants very quickly.

BerryBerry Bush
Fruits and NutsSapling
Land PlantLand Plant
Aquatic PlantAquatic Plant
The Potting Table requires and to operate.

Each cloning operation will consume x1 dirt block and x1 bonemeal.

Groundcover plants cannot be cloned.
Crops and plants from other mods cannot be cloned.

Sanding Table

Rough PanelSanded Panel
Rough Timber ConnectorSanded Timber Connector
Rough TrimSanded Trim
The Sanding Table requires to operate.

Table Saw

LogWood Timber
Glass BlockGlass Pane
Wood TimberPanel
Clay/Stone/Metal BeamTile
Metal TileMetal Plate
Large Retaining WallSmall Retaining Wall
The Table Saw requires to operate.

Customizing the Workbenches

The Workbenches configuration screen allows you to change how the workbenches operate.

FIRST select a workbench from the list on the left side of this screen.

Operating Time
This setting controls how fast the workbench will produce an output. To make the workbenches operate faster, decrease this slider.

Operations Per Fuel Unit
Shown in the screenshot as 'Holes Per Bit' for the Drill Press. This setting controls how many output blocks will be produced for each unit of fuel used. Increase this slider to improve the return on each fuel unit used.

Click this button to reset the settings to default values for the currently selected workbench.

Workbench FAQ

Why are these workbenches needed?
The non-motorized workbenches provide a fast, efficient mechanism to perform certain tasks very easily.

The motorized workbenches have one sole purpose: Recipe Collision Avoidance. With so many mods out there it is nearly impossible to introduce unique recipes to the game without clashing with recipes from another mod.

Realworld's workbenches also double as decoration blocks.

Why don't these recipes show up in JEI?
The recipes for RealWorld's workbenches will not show up in JEI or similar mods because Forge and mods like JEI do not support blocks like this. The author of JEI would have to provide specific support for RealWorld to make this happen.

It's too cumbersome to craft things. Can you change this?
No. Well, unless you have a better idea that satisfies the requirement of 'unique recipes' without introducing even more parts/components into the mix. Good luck with that.

Why do the worbenches have to use my precious resources?
There is a realism/gameplay balance at work here. You have the ability to configure how the workbenches operate so you can get a massive return on each 'fuel unit' used.