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Thank you to these fans for submitting improvements, bug reports and feature requests.

Minecraft 1.12
Version 1.14

This is an upcoming release that is currently in development.

Version 1.13

Released October 4, 2017

Changed: crop seed loot defaults for woodland mansion and village blacksmith now 2, instead of 3
Fixed: pillars cannot be placed vertically Onigil
Updated: minor code changes to match newest Forge release

Version 1.12

Released July 25, 2017

Fixed: an inventory issue with the Potting Table moving armor around and making boots disappear

Note: The Potting Table is now a tile entity and you can keep materials in the slots instead of them being returned to your inventory when you exit the gui.

Version 1.11

Released July 23, 2017

Added: Potting Table workbench - use to clone plants and saplings
Added: redstone motor block - can be oriented in any direction, redstone powered (for future use...)
Changed: frame decorations can now support redstone wire
Changed: frame decorations are considered solid on all sides - improves attachment with other blocks
Changed: workbenches can now produce a max. of 500 operations per fuel unit (up from 300)
Fixed: village structures cause crash during world generation (plant selection code)
Fixed: server crash during worldgen (biome name lookup using clientside only code)
Removed: redstone motor item (replaced by block)

Version 1.10

Released July 11, 2017

Changed: Rest Area village structure generates per village: x1 at 90%, and x2 at 10%. Max. 2 regardless of village size
Changed: Bamboo Marsh biome generates substantially more cattails plants
Fixed: workbenches NBT tags truncating fuel values - now use integers and may affect fuel in existing workbenches
Fixed: tile entities rendering incorrectly when certain gui slots are empty - affects all 'display' decorations
Fixed: market crate renders text even when dye slot is empty
Fixed: decoration gui's not rendering tooltips when mouse is over an item in inventory
Fixed: breaking RealWorld doors always drops an oak door EvertVd
Fixed: workbench recipes do not work with black iron nuggets/ingots
Fixed: village structures causing error/console spam during worldgen

Version 1.9

Released June 29, 2017

Added: Rest Area village structure - a small area with benches and plants
Added: Terrace village structure - raised terrace with a fountain and plants
Added: Bamboo Marsh biome Emanuel
Added: concrete decorations - beams, beam connectors, and tiles
Added: concrete blocks can be used as inlays for curio bases and wall lanterns
Added: recipes for concrete decorations
Added: settings and config screen for village components
Changed: adjusted height of flat floating plants to decrease rendering collisions with adjacent blocks
Fixed: gui listboxes rendering items outside of list bounds (another thing broken by forge in 1.12)
Fixed: bamboo plants can grow into and replace non-air blocks
Fixed: plant spawns can sometimes replace non-air blocks

Version 1.8

Released June 26, 2017

This first release for Minecraft 1.12 is identical to RealWorld Version 1.7.

Changed: all recipes moved from code into json files
Changed: crafting decorations is easier - you can freely mix rough vs sanded wood, rough vs smooth stone, etc.
Changed: as a result of the new recipe system in MC, there is a significant decrease in total recipes needed
Fixed: forge has broken/changed/improved custom rendering on all tile entities, again.
Fixed: forge has broken/changed/improved biome registration
Fixed: rendering issue with inlay of curio base decoration
Fixed: rendering issue with bottom cushion of sofa decoration
Implemented: recipes using iron nuggets are now working

Minecraft 1.11.2
Version 1.7

Released June 18, 2017

This is the final release for Minecraft 1.11.2.

Added: Bur Oak Forest biome
Changed: handrail decorations will now connect to any solid block Emeline
Fixed: single-block crops not rendering off-center
Fixed: stone pillar recipes on Lathe workbench producing incorrect output

Version 1.6

Released June 5, 2017

Added: Bombona Beach biome - found most often near Savanna biomes Erin
Added: Flatland Thicket biome
Added: Silver Birch Hills biome
Added: gemstone blocks can be used as beacon bases The_Wabbit
Added: missing recipes for Fruitwood trellis decorations
Added: missing recipes for Nutwood blocks and decorations Erin
Fixed: Ancient Ruins generator causing a crash during world generation
Fixed: certain jungle trees not validating spawn location properly during worldgen
Fixed: plant spawns sometimes replace bottom block of large plants
Fixed: server crash attempting to obtain custom biome names SpazMcSpaz

Version 1.5

Released June 1, 2017

Added: Nutwood log, blocks and decorations Erin
Added: 12 nut trees (which produce nuts using the same mechanism as fruit trees)
Added: nut foods for each new nut tree
Added: Trail Mix food (use any 4 nuts to craft)
Changed: Japanese Emperor Oak sapling texture
Fixed: hardness of storage decorations not set correctly Erin
Fixed: biome names appear incorrectly on debug screen and console output Erin
Fixed: leaves blocks decaying into incorrect leaf variant (affected all RW leaves)

Version 1.4

Released May 19, 2017

Added: Blue Oak Forest biome
Changed: reworked some OreDict names and recipes - reduced recipe count by over 1,200 sweetsosweet
Changed: foods requiring multiple fruits or vegetables can once again use any mixture of ingredients
Changed: RealWorld biomes are now less common
Fixed: Birch Autumn Forest and Spruce Mountains biomes never allow rain Hypsellis
Fixed: possibly fixed an issue with right-clicking in gui's for some decorations Erin
Fixed: special case where climbing plants cause a crash during world generation
Re-added: peanut butter and jelly sandwiches The_Wabbit

Version 1.3

Released May 14, 2017

Added: 9 large plants
Added: Spiny Forest biome - hot, dry and mildly dangerous to walk through (find near Savanna biomes)
Added: Ancient Ruins biome feature - generates in Savanna biome types only
Added: vines now use a tapered texture for the lowest block Erin
Added: realism config setting: large plants are solid/not solid
Added: biome ID check detects new RealWorld biomes added in future releases and updates config automatically
Changed: default settings for blacksmith and woodland mansion crop seeds loot lowered to 3 from 5
Fixed: climbing plants not saving their blockstate correctly John
Fixed: climbing plants not dropping food items when broken Erin
Fixed: large Saguaro collision box not working
Re-added: porcelain berries

Version 1.2

Released April 28, 2017

To improve server performance, this release has some major changes to the recipes for several foods. A whopping 60,000 recipes have been eliminated by requiring 2 or 3 of the same vegetable for some recipes instead of mixing any 2 or 3 vegetables. Gameplay wins over realism on this one :)

Added: Chandelier Gems decoration, three metal variants, in 10 colors - use your gemstones for this
Added: missing recipes for wool curtains
Added: missing recipes for beam connectors
Added: missing recipe for benches with metal armrests
Added: missing recipes for pole connectors
Added: missing recipes for timber connectors
Changed: fruit bowl recipes, must use 3 of same berries/fruit
Changed: food wrap recipes, must use 2 of same vegetable
Changed: sandwich recipes, must use 2 of same vegetable
Changed: tortilla recipes, must use 2 of same vegetable
Changed: stir fry recipes, must use 2 of same vegetable
Changed: support poles attach to face player is looking at
Fixed: recipes for wood benches using incorrect variant for input materials
Fixed: lanterns do not give off light

Version 1.1

Released April 21, 2017

Changed: reduced the requirements for crafting the redstone motor - only 4 ingots needed now
Fixed: bowl and bottle based foods can have a stacksize greater than one Vyxsn
Fixed: curtain rods not working correctly and can cause a crash in some cases
Tested: Forge versioning system

Version 1.0

Released April 17, 2017

This first release brings together the features of Plant Mega Pack and Decoration Mega Pack into a single mod. Additional features have been added and a huge rewrite of the code was necessary due to changes in Forge and/or Minecraft.

Added: mossy fruitwood log variant
Added: mossy variant of fruitwood blocks (stairs, slab, etc.)
Added: bamboo column planters
Added: clay, wood and metal pillars
Added: pillars use variants - large and small sizes
Added: Drill Press workbench
Added: Lathe workbench
Added: Sanding Table workbench
Added: stone retaining walls, stackable, with 2 variants
Added: ancient stone decorations - 5 new decorations
Added: fruitwood decorations - well over 50 new decorations
Added: red nether brick decorations - 5 new decorations
Added: clay, stone and metal Beams and Beam Connectors
Added: boxes can be customized with text
Added: crates can be customized with text
Added: curio 'rotator' display cabinet
Added: metal curtain rods
Added: frames, in 2 variants, for constructing things...
Added: handrails, both wood and metal - 2 variants of each
Added: pipes - clay and metal
Added: pipe junctions and valves - metal only
Added: wood poles
Added: octagon shop signs in all variants
Added: glass tables, both small and large
Added: round tables, both wood and glass
Added: trellis towers
Added: 4 beach plants
Added: 7 crop plants
Added: 2 forest plants
Added: 4 mountain plants
Added: 1 wetlands plant
Added: 4 fruit trees: lemon, lime, peach and tangerine
Added: variants for White Birch trees - leaves can be one of 4 different colors
Added: three additional textures for crops and berry bushes (now 8 textures for each)
Added: setting for berry bushes: produce berries without breaking plant and re-planting
Added: special renderer for certain plants to make them more 'full' looking
Added: 9 gemstone ores
Added: black iron weapons and armour
Added: metal 'plates' - used to craft certain decorations
Added: redstone motor - used to craft workbenches, and other things...
Added: sandpaper - currently used only for the sanding table workbench
Added: poison root
Added: 4 new fruit foods: lemon, lime, peach and tangerine
Added: 9 gemstone items
Added: Birch Autumn Forest
Added: Spruce Mountains
Added: worldgen for ores
Added: 2 desert hills biome types
Added: 'grassy slopes' biome feature - automatically selects grass suitable for each biome
Added: config setting to enable generation in modded dimensions
Added: version check - Forge will tell you when an update to RealWorld is available
Added: config screens to customize ore world generation
Added: some new config for tooltips
Added: tooltips for plant parts dropped when using shears, and new config setting for this
Changed: large pillar models
Changed: workbenches need a 'fuel' to operate (currently sandpaper or diamonds)
Changed: workbench recipes
Changed: wall bracket inventory models
Changed: barrels use variants - 28 new decorations
Changed: benches use variants - for future expansion
Changed: boxes now have 3 sizes - 21 new decorations
Changed: base cabinets now have 3 variants - 14 new decorations
Changed: caps now have small/large variants - 15 new decorations
Changed: cap models reworked
Changed: chains now use small/large variants - 3 block ID's freed
Changed: chairs now use variants - 7 block ID's freed
Changed: chandeliers now have powered and unpowered versions
Changed: desks and hutches now use variants - for future expansion
Changed: desk hutches now have storage
Changed: feeding troughs now use variants - 7 block ID's freed
Changed: feeding troughs no longer connect at right angles
Changed: feeding trough collision boxes
Changed: fountains now use variants - for future expansion
Changed: kitchen decorations now use metal variants
Changed: lanterns now use variants - 15 block ID's freed
Changed: coin decorations now use variants, 1 block ID freed
Changed: mantles now use variants - for future expansion
Changed: mantle columns now use variants - for future expansion
Changed: market crates now use variants - for future expansion
Changed: market stands now use variants - for future expansion
Changed: pallet stacks now use variants - for future expansion
Changed: panels now use variants, 7 block ID's freed
Changed: pole models now use trim texture on ends
Changed: pole signs now use variants - 14 new decorations
Changed: shelves now use variants - for future expansion
Changed: shop signs now use variants, 18 block ID's freed
Changed: shop signs now have different metal frames - 111 new decorations
Changed: sofa collision boxes
Changed: stands now use variants - for future expansion, 18 block ID's freed
Changed: support poles now use variants, 2 block ID's freed
Changed: support poles can be used to secure hanging plants
Changed: tile models reworked
Changed: tile models no longer use custom textures
Changed: tiles can now be placed on any face
Changed: timbers and timber connectors now use variants - 14 block ID's freed
Changed: trellis models improved to look more realistic
Changed: trellis blocks now use variants - for future expansion
Changed: wall lanterns now use variants - for future expansion
Changed: fruit trees spawn with a mossy log on the bottom block
Changed: tree fruits now have 8 growth stages (instead of 4)
Changed: berry bushes now have 8 growth stages (instead of 5)
Changed: berry bushes grow at same rate as crops
Changed: Quinoa plant is now a crop
Changed: forest plants split into 2 categories: cold and warm
Changed: medicinal roots now have a unique texture
Changed: fruit drinks consolidated into a total of 9 drinks
Changed: all medicinal roots can now be used to brew a related potion
Changed: some saturation values of certain foods
Fixed: a few bugs found during the update
Removed: 'tan' variant of ancient stone blocks
Removed: Foundry workbench
Removed: stone and metal wall brackets - only available in wood and bamboo now
Removed: Flower, Fern and Grass categories (plants consolidated into other categories)
Removed: dandelion, meadow grass, prairie grass and prickly lettuce plants
Removed: coral plant category and blocks
Removed: Plant Field Guide - may be made into a separate mod at a later date
Removed: some food items - likely will be replaced with new ones
Removed: coral fragments
Removed: plant powders
Removed: worldgen profiles
Reworked: gui's for some decorations have been updated
Reworked: many worldgen default settings have changed
Reworked: logic to determine biome types for worldgen - should be slightly more accurate with modded biomes
Reworked: most worldgen code has been optimized and is noticeably faster
Reworked: config options for worldgen have been simplified
Reworked: all blocks, items, textures and model files have been renamed
Reworked: all config gui screens redone from scratch - much simpler now
Reworked: all config code - less files and much faster
Reworked: all internal data structures for worldgen - should increase worldgen speed
Reworked: some OreDict registry names have been corrected
Reworked: all tile entity code broken by changes in Forge/MC
Reworked: all block code - eliminated redundant code
Reworked: all json files have been compressed
Reworked: all json file generation code
Reworked: many textures and models have been updated
Reworked: some rendering code has been streamlined
Reworked: all enum constants now in uppercase to follow convention
Reworked: language file entries cleaned up
Reworked: tooltips code significantly reworked/optimized
Reworked: recipe code