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Minecraft 1.13 Transitional Release

Development Progress

March 12, 2018
I have been hammering away at recoding the mod in preparation for the upcoming MC 1.13. While Mojang's release is still a bit away, I am glad that I started early on this as there will still be a good amount of recoding when Forge is first released.

I have renamed everything. When looking at objects with the debug screen active you'll notice cryptic names for everything in the mod. This was a major (and very tedious) effort to reduce the size of the mod. As of this update, the mod size has been reduced by a whopping 1.7MB while retaining nearly all of the features of the last version.

In the process of "flattening" RealWorld's objects, many parts of the code have been improved and reworked.

There is still much to be done to prepare for MC 1.13 but I am making excellent progress and should have all of my goals accomplished with time to spare. Still remaining on my list:

The download link below will be updated with new releases as I continue to make progress.

RealWorld 2.0 BETA Download

This version is for Minecraft 1.12 and is the first step towards getting RealWorld ready for Minecraft 1.13.

Please report any bugs in the forum. Thank you!

WARNING - Read this before downloading

Download Version 2.0 BETA

Last updated on March 12, 2018
Requires Forge