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Minecraft 1.13


Manually editing RealWorld's configuration files is not recommended.

The config screens in RealWorld allow you to customize the mod without the nuisance of editing text files.

When you edit the config files by hand, you bypass the built-in validation that the screens provide. Typos while editing the config files can cause unexpected behavior and in the worst case can crash your game and corrupt your world save file.

A lot of work went into these screens to make customization easy for you - use them!

Accessing the Configuration Screens

The Forge Mod Screen

FIRST select the RealWorld mod from the list on the left side of this screen.

Then click the 'Config' button to open RealWorld's Main Menu screen.

RealWorld Main Menu

All of RealWorld's settings can be accessed from this one screen.

General Settings

General Settings Menu

Click one of the buttons on this screen to modify those particular settings.

Medicinal Salves

Use this screen to adjust the effectiveness of the Medicinal Salves.

The Health Salve slider adjusts the percentage of your maximum health that the salve will replenish when used.

For all other Salves, the slider adjusts the duration (in seconds) of the effect the salve produces.


Maximum Height
These slider allow you to control the maximum height that certain plants are allowed to grow.

Bamboo Drops on Break
When enabled, this setting will cause a bamboo plant to drop all of its blocks when you break one of the lower blocks.

Fast Berry Harvest
When enabled, this setting will allow you to continuously use bone meal on berry bushes to produce berries without the need for breaking the plant.

Kelp Can Grow
When enabled, this setting allows ocean kelps plants to grow. Enabling this setting may cause lag on slower systems.


FIRST select a workbench from the list on the left side of this screen.

Operating Time
This setting controls how fast the workbench will produce an output. To make the workbenches operate faster, decrease this slider.

Operations Per Fuel Unit
Shown in the screenshot as 'Holes Per Bit' for the Drill Press. This setting controls how many output blocks will be produced for each unit of fuel used. Increase this slider to improve the return on each fuel unit used.

Click this button to reset the settings to default values for the currently selected workbench.

Loot: Crop Seeds

These settings allow you to control how RealWorld's crop seeds are distributed among all of the in-game generated chests.

Decreasing the sliders causes RealWorld's seeds to become rare, while increasing the sliders will make the seeds generate more commonly.

Using higher values will cause a lot of seeds to be chosen to fill the in-game chests versus other items that would normally be chosen.


Crops Render Centered
By default, crops will render off-center to produce a realistic effect. Enabling this setting will cause RealWorld's crops to render like vanilla crops.

Plants Inflict Poison
When enabled, poisonous plants will inflict poison damage when the player walks into them.

Plants Inflict Thorns
When enabled, plants like cactus will inflict thorns damage when the player walks into them.


These settings allow you to choose the information that appears in the tooltip when you mouseover a RealWorld block or item in inventory.

Customizing World Generation

World Generation Main Menu

Master Control
These sliders control the overall generation of each component. Setting a slider to zero will stop that component from generating.

Customize Biome Types...
Click this button to perform detailed customization of RealWorld's world generation.

Reset All...
Clicking this button will reset EVERYTHING. All changes you have made will revert to default settings. This operation cannot be undone. After clicking this button a warning screen is presented before performing the actual reset.

Modded Dimensions
Enabling this feature will allow RealWorld to generate features, ores, plants and trees in dimensions provided by other mods.

Biome Types

This screen is where you will start to perform your customizations for each of the biome types that RealWorld supports.

FIRST select a biome type from the list on the left.

Then click one of the buttons on the right to customize a component for the biome type that you have selected.

Biome Settings

Master Control
These sliders control the overall generation of each component. Setting a slider to zero will stop that component from generating.

Plants Empty Chunks
Trees Empty Chunks
These settings allow you to control the chance that a chunk will be skipped during world generation. This allows 'bare spots' to appear randomly which provides a more realistic look to your worlds. Setting these sliders to higher values will cause more chunks to skip world generation and may improve performance on slower systems.

Biome Habitats

RealWorld spawns plants and trees based on terrain features, which are called 'habitats' in RealWorld. Habitats define what plants will spawn and where.

FIRST select a habitat type from the list on the left.

Then click either the 'Plants' or 'Trees' button to customize the plants and trees that will generate in the selected habitat.

Plants and trees do not generate in every habitat - for example, you cannot select trees to spawn in aquatic habitats. RealWorld will only allow you to select trees and plants that are appropriate for the habitat you are customizing.

The config screens for Habitat Trees are identical to the Habitat Plants screens - the following instructions applies to both.

Habitat Plants

FIRST select a plant from the list on the left.

Then click the 'Settings...' button to customize the spawn parameters for the selected plant.

This bar displays the spawn weight for the selected plant so you can quickly compare plants.

Clicking these buttons allows you to add or remove plants for this habitat.

Clicking this button cause the plant list to re-populated with the default list of plants and the settings for each plant will also be reset.

Habitat Plant Spawn Settings

Spawn Weight
This setting ctrols how often this plant will be selected to genrate versus other plants assigned to the current habitat. Higher values will cause this plant to be generated more frequently.

Cluster Amount
This setting determines how many plants will spawn per cluster. Higher values cause more plants to spawn.

Cluster Radius
This setting determines how large an area each cluster has to populate plants into. Higher values will spread plants out more, while lower values will create tight clusters of plants.

Biome Ores

This screen is identical to the Habitat Plants screen shown above, except it is for ores.

Biome Ore Settings

Block Count
Controls how many blocks are in each ore cluster.

Chance To Spawn
Controls the actual chance a cluster will spawn.

Clusters Per Chunk
Controls how many clusters can potentially generate in each chunk.

Minimum Height
The minimum elevation that a cluster can spawn at.

Maximum Height
The maximum elevation that a cluster can spawn at.

Biome Features

This screen allows you to control the features that will be included in world generation for the current biome.

FIRST select a feature from the list on the left.

Then click the 'Settings' button to customize the selected feature.

Click this button to add a new feature to this biome type.

Click this button to remove the selected feature from this biome.

Clicking this button will reset ALL features for this biome.