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Change Log

Thank you to these fans for submitting improvements, bug reports and feature requests.

Minecraft 1.12.2
Version 1.12.1
Released September 1, 2018

Added: Advancements - see this page for details
Added: chinese language file (locale: zh_cn) xindu
Fixed: licorice land crops have no seeds
Fixed: server-side crash obtaining biome name Playlist
Fixed: bamboo doors do not drop door item when broken
Fixed: prickly pear cactus cannot be harvested for food
Fixed: prickly pear cactus age cannot be advanced with bone meal
Fixed: collision box setting for medium plants working incorrectly
Fixed: cluster radius on plant setting gui screen cannot be set to zero
Fixed: saplings cannot be placed if sky is not visible

Version 1.12.0
Released August 9, 2018

This is the first release of PMP since Minecraft 1.9.8 and contains many significant improvements since that version, most of which are not listed here but were implemented after PMP was integrated into RealWorld.

Added: flower pots - can contain almost any plant, vanilla and modded babydabblemlp
Added: 4 new habitat types (biome edge slope, land slope shaded, water edge shaded, tree base)
Added: 11 new biome types - works with all biomes, vanilla and modded
Added: all green flowers produce a root of leaping when sheared
Added: new master level options - enable/disable all plant or tree generation quickly
Added: new config options for habitats to control plant and tree generation in each habitat
Added: new config options for plants
Added: new config options to control detection of surface features
Added: ability to clear all worldgen settings of plants and trees - clean slate for advanced users
Added: generation rate graph - see all habitat rates at a glance
Added: new algorithm to detect nearby surface temperature - improves river generation
Changed: default settings for all plants - spawn locations are more realistic
Changed: re-written algorithms to detect surface features
Changed: worldgen engine now considers every possible position to spawn plants and trees
Changed: worldgen is much more granular - changes to config settings are more precise
Changed: algorithm to determine biome/habitat/spawn location completely re-written
Changed: Maiden Grass plant is now double-tall
Changed: textures of many plants have been improved
Changed: config files have improved and are not compatible with previous versions
Changed: default maxiumum height of all growing plants now set to 10
Fixed: cascading worldgen lag has been resolved
Fixed: certain wetlands plants cannot grow on sandy soils
Fixed: crash when using bamboo slabs Hypsellis
Removed: empty chunks config settings
Removed: mountain forest biome type