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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I use your mods in my modpack?
Yes - provided that you are not hosting your modpack on any "Curse" website. Giving credit to the author is appreciated.

My Minecraft is slow. Is there anything I can do to improve performance?
Yes there is! Read the section 'Improving Your Minecraft Experience' at the bottom of this page.

Why don't you support previous versions of your mods and Minecraft?
The short answer is: time. If someone can figure out how I can quit my job to become a full-time, paid modder I would gladly maintain up-to-date mods for every Minecraft version possible. Heh. Good luck with this one!

Why don't you integrate other mods into yours?
In the years I have been modding for Minecraft I have had very little success approaching other modders for this purpose, and in fact, only one other modder (TyronX, creator of ButterflyMania) was willing to work with me to integrate our mods which we did sucessfully. My other attempts failed so I have given up.

Why don't you host your mods on any of the popular web sites?
I do not believe in dishonesty, cowardice and lack of accountability as a way of dealing with others. Moderators of certain sites disagree with this statement. I'll just leave it at that, however, if you do some creative research I'm certain you will understand the truth behind my reasoning.

Why is your code closed source?
Is there a requirement somewhere that my code must be open source?

How can I donate to show my support and/or appreciation?
I do not accept donations.

Improving Your Minecraft Experience

Follow these instructions to optimize Minecraft to run better on your system.

Click the 'Launch options' button at the top of the Launcher screen.

Select the profile that you want to optimize from the list.

Click the 'JVM arguments' button on the left side of the screen to enable editing of this option.

You will need to edit the text inside the red box (shown here as '-Xmx2G').

Use the 'Memory Setting' chart below as a guide to help you optimize this setting.

Click the 'Save' button to save your changes, then launch Minecraft as you normally would.

Memory Setting
This setting tells Java how much RAM will be allocated to Minecraft. Optimizing this setting can make a significant difference in the speed at which Minecraft will run, especially if you use a lot of mods.

Setting this value to approximately 75% of your total RAM is a good place to start.

Your RAM-Xmx setting

Another Suggestion
Closing all other apps while Minecraft is running will also help improve system performance.