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Configuration Settings


Manually editing Decoration Mega Packs's configuration files is not recommended.

The config screens in DMP allow you to customize the mod without the nuisance of editing text files.

When you edit the config files by hand, you bypass the built-in validation that the screens provide. Typos while editing the config files can cause unexpected behavior and in the worst case can crash your game and corrupt your world save file.

A lot of work went into these screens to make customization easy for you - use them!

Accessing the Configuration Screens

The Forge Mod Screen

FIRST select the RealWorld mod from the list on the left side of this screen.

Then click the 'Config' button to open DMP's Main Menu screen.

Decoration Mega Pack Main Menu

All of Decoration Mega Packs's settings can be accessed from this one screen.

General Settings


These settings allow you to choose the information that appears in the tooltip when you mouseover a DMP block or item in inventory.


FIRST select a workbench from the list on the left side of this screen.

Operating Time
This setting controls how fast the workbench will produce an output. To make the workbenches operate faster, decrease this slider.

Click this button to reset the settings to default values for the currently selected workbench.