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Change Log

Thank you to these fans for submitting improvements, bug reports and feature requests.

Minecraft 1.12.2
Version 1.12.0
Released August 17, 2018

This is the first release of DMP since Minecraft 1.9.8 and contains many significant improvements since that version, most of which are not listed here but were implemented after DMP was integrated into RealWorld.

Added: Candelabra decorations - 75% light level and flickering candles
Added: support for OreDict-registered gemstones to craft gemstone-related objects
Added: new tooltips to better explain many decorations
Changed: trellis tower top and bottom faces are no longer solid
Changed: weathervane decoration is no longer a tile entity - right click to rotate the arrow now
Changed: weathervane decoration can now be crafted from any metal
Removed: black iron castings items
Removed: ancient stone related blocks
Removed: calcite related blocks and items
Removed: ore related blocks
Removed: bamboo and fruitwood related blocks
Removed: headstone decorations
Removed: ornament base decorations