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Development Notes


August 9, 2018
Plant Mega Pack is back! After some serious coding time to detach the code away from RealWorld, PMP returns as a standalone mod that improves the natural look of your Minecraft worlds.

Coding of Decoration Mega Pack into a standalone mod is now in progress.

February 7, 2018
I've been working on a major code update for the upcoming Minecraft 1.13. Since my time is limited, I am preparing for a future release rather than adding new features for 1.12.

Mojang is implementing what they call the flattening which means they are splitting out all vanilla blocks into individual blocks rather than using 'variants'. This single thing is about to wreak havoc on most mods that in any way use or reference vanilla blocks. RealWorld uses vanilla blocks extensively and many parts of the code require changes because of this.

I am attempting to mimic how Mojang names objects, and as a result, I am refactoring much of RealWorld's code. This means that almost every block and item (and their models, recipes and textures) is being renamed.

Another major upgrade I am implementing is focused on efficiency. I am reviewing all parts of the code and attempting to minimize/reuse/recode where I can to reduce the overall size of the mod. I have learned that every effort in this regard can have a significant impact on the size of the mod, loading speed, and running speed. Eliminating whitespace from the .json files reduced the mod file size by over 200KB alone in the last major update. Any effort I put into this will help your Minecraft load and run faster - all mod developers should be doing this, in my very humble opinion.

There will be some major changes coming in RealWorld:

As always, I appreciate your patience while I make time to continue working on this mod.

January 18, 2018
The Forum is back up after updating the software. The update did not go as planned and the database needed to be recreated, although I was able to save the user login data.

If you previously registered on the Forum, you can continue to login using your existing username and password.

Please accept my apology for the disruption. Thanks!

January 11, 2018
The final(??) release of RealWorld for Minecraft 1.12 is available for download.

I have now started developing RealWorld for Minecraft 1.13 which has some significant changes and major implications for both modders and players. Among other changes, the removal of block ID limits and the related changes to MC's blocks and items will most certainly break any backward compatibility with the majority of mods out there.

RealWorld will need to undergo some serious recoding to accommodate the upcoming changes, and in this process I will be adding/deleting/refining some features. As there is currently no Forge for MC 1.13 to work with, I will be starting this process without the ability to even test what I'm doing. This should be fun to start with...

Progress updates will be added to the RealWorld Changelog page.

October 4, 2017
After a somewhat lengthy break I am back. The lack of bug reports on the forum is a great indicator that RealWorld is quite stable and is working as intended. As always, please submit your feature requests for consideration. Thanks!

June 7, 2017
Development of RealWorld will be intermittent for a few weeks and will resume again in early July.