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Plant Mega Pack (PMP) provides realistic plants and an advanced world generation system to improve the natural look of your Minecraft worlds.

Plant Mega Pack features:
  • Over 500 flowers and plants, including bamboo, epiphytes, aquatic plants, vines and more.
  • Over 40 aquatic and land crops.
  • Over 50 trees, including fruit and nut producing trees.
  • Planters, flower pots, hanging plants and other interesting blocks to decorate with.
  • Dozens of unique foods and items.
  • An advanced world generation system.
  • Customize all settings with easy-to-use config screens.

Minecraft 1.12.2
Latest Download

Plant Mega Pack 1.12.0

Requires Forge

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View the change log for detailed version information.

Decoration Mega Pack (DMP) adds a large number of unqiue objects to help you decorate your worlds.

Development of DMP is in progress. More details to follow soon.

Development Plans

Due to popular request:

PMP and DMP are being revived for MC 1.12.

Features (biomes, etc.) in RealWorld that do not belong to PMP and DMP will end up in another mod.
Development of these features will continue after this transition is completed.

All of my development efforts have been redirected to make this happen. More updates to follow soon.

Recent Projects

RealWorld is a multi-purpose mod that offers a large variety of unique and realistic features to enhance your Minecraft experience.

  • Workbenches - Used to craft many of the decorations.
  • Blocks - More than 400 interesting blocks to help you build with.
  • Crops - Enhance your farms with new aquatic and land crops.
  • Plants - A huge variety of over 500 unique plants and flowers provide realism to any landscape.
  • Trees - An assortment of various trees, including fruit-producing trees.
  • Decorations - With over 700 unique decorations, there is something for everyone.
  • Items - Lot's of items and foods to fill your chests.
  • Ores - New ores to mine while you are adventuring underground.
  • Biomes - Realistic biomes to discover, each with exclusive features.
  • Biome Features - Extras added to biomes during world generation.
  • Village Features - Structures and components that enhance villages.
  • Customizable - You have complete control of the mod with easy-to-use config screens.

Minecraft 1.11.2
Latest Download

RealWorld 1.7

Requires Forge
Minecraft 1.12.2
Latest Download

RealWorld 1.18

Requires Forge

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RealWorld was not developed for Minecraft versions prior to 1.11.2.

View the change log for detailed version information.