Coming soon:
RealWorld merges the features of Plant Mega Pack and Decoration Mega Pack into a single mod.

Update January 18, 2017

Some changes in Forge in the last few months broke many things but I'm working on the fixes.

Some general update info:
- Development is currently targeted for 1.10.2 - I am not looking at other versions yet until everything is working.
- Most of what you know of PMP and DMP are being kept, there will be some changes though.
- Integration between the DMP and PMP blocks, etc. is being coded. Fruitwood is being used extensively.
- RealWorld has 4 creative tabs: Blocks, Decorations, Plants, Items.
- Two custom biomes have been implemented, I am considering others but this is not a priority at this time.
- Much code has been re-written or re-worked, mostly because of the changes in Forge.
- The json model files have been compressed to about 50% of their previous size - a huge decrease in mod size.
- Everything (blocks, items, etc.) is being renamed to follow conventions.
- Blockstates of almost all blocks has been recoded - usage of block ID's has decreased significantly.
- Many tweaks in the code to improve speed, memory usage, etc.

Progress (estimates only!):
- Blocks: 98%
- Decorations: 50%
- Plants: 15%
- Items: 5%
- Worldgen: not started yet
- Other mod code: 30%

This is going to take some time but I am woking on it every day. No release date yet.

After the first release, I will be taking some time to completely redo this web site. The forum will be coming back.

Update January 9, 2017

I have received several emails lately from some very loyal fans asking what is happening.
Thank you for your interest! The following should answer most of your questions:

First, yes I am back into modding for Minecraft after a very long life break. Thank you for waiting for me.

PMP and DMP are not dead. In fact, quite the opposite. I am in the process of merging the two mods and making some major improvements at the same time.
Additional features are also being implemented - these are being kept under wraps until first release, sorry :)
Backwards compatibility with previous versions of PMP and DMP will not be possible.

Development is currently targeted for Forge 1.11.x. Forge has changed much in the past several months - I have to catch up here and prepare for even more upcoming changes.
My progress is much slower than in the past but is going very well. I have no idea when first release might be yet.

More updates to come.

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